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Hello, I have been collecting watches for a few years now, and have interests across the spectrum.  I am most interested in vintage watches, but do still have a number of modern pieces as well.  My collection consists primarily of Seiko and Timex, but I also have some Accutron, Vostok, Rolex, Omega and Zenith as well (amongst a few others).  I have done some of the basic cosmetic watchmaking tasks of crystal replacement, gasket replacement, and case cleaning/polishing previously with success.

I am an engineer by occupation, so my desire to learn watchmaking is primarily at the hobbiest level right now.  I would eventually like to be able to pick up 'rough' vintage pieces and perform restoration work on them, but also learn to maintain my collection to a certain degree.  I have purchased a pretty wide range of tools at this point, mostly cheap ones, but a few of the nicer Swiss made products as well.

My intention is to start on some of the Timex and Seiko pieces that I have picked up as parts of larger lots.  Most of these pieces are of little value, and have pretty simple moments, so there is minimal penalty to the mistakes inherent with the learning process.  I look forward to the wealth of information on the forum and am excited for the benefits it can provide in my horological journey.  Thanks in advance for the assistance and acceptance from its members!

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