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Cleaning Jewels in settings on a 24 Jewel Bunn Special

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Is this a 47 minute vid on cleaning balance jewels? I did have a look but don't have 47 minutes free, in fast forwarding I noticed plunging dirty rodico into the jewel and can only hope this was  for some reason other than cleaning. Even brand new Rodico leaves a film that will leach oil off to the side and drain the jewel. 70 years ago when a watch was serviced every 12 months, and they didn't have modern cleaners and synthetic oil* , and instead of Rodico they used bits of bread, yes  ok. It'd get new oil next year. But now, no.


*Synthetic oil. 70 years ago with whale or other natural oil, it would thicken and actually stop the watch before any real damage was done. Synthetic oil sort of just fades away, and the poor watch keeps going dry, and things wear out.

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