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Hi everyone,

I purchased some pre-mixed lume over the internet, and the seller sent a different brand then the one that I asked for and that I usually get. The one that I received is Augusta Labor, which I know is supposed to be good. However when I opened the bottle it's basically solid. Does anyone know if you are supposed to mix the lume with water first?

The German one that I usually get is ready to use out of the bottle.

The Augusta us unusable in this state. I've attached a photo. Thanks in advance for any tips.


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Did you try emailing the seller and asking how you're supposed to use it?

Interesting searching online reveals that comes in white and black and it's a paint. Maybe yours has gone bad? I would think if you're supposed to mix it with water it would have more of a powdery consistency if it's already hard then I'm still going go with its gone  bad contact the seller and let him know that it doesn't function as expected see what happens let us know.

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So I followed up with the seller and he said the wholesaler had sold him a "new" formula and he didn't know anything about it.. He did give me a refund. I have tried adding a number of different mixtures to the lume to try to get it usable but with no luck. Still have no idea what happened to it, if it's meant for something else or if it somehow went bad. Weird.

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