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Do Presto #5 and #8 tools exist?

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While looking for a Presto #3 tool, I noticed something interesting.  Ofrei has Presto tools #1, #2, #3, #3A, #4, #6, #7, and #9.  There's a catalog page 205 from JBorel that has the same tools.  The Bergeon Catalog is the same.  Looking at vintage ones that have appeared on ebay, it's mostly #1 and #6, but the same set are present too.

Well, what about #5 and #8?  There's obviously missing in the sequence.  Bergeon's part numbers for the #4 - #7 are 30669-4, 30670-6, and 30671-7.  There isn't space for a 5 in that sequence between 30669 and 30670.

Did these tools used to be made by a company named Presto, and at some point Bergeon started making/re-selling them, but they didn't carry the #5 and #8 for some reason?

Or did the 30669½-5 Presto #5 tool exist at one point, but we don't speak about what it removed?

If you don't know the answer, feel free to make up a good story.

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I have a better question.  Can the pushers be replaced?  It is amazing to me that with the name Bergeon on the tool, these pushers would split.  Maybe I am too critical.

As a last resort, I will try to design and 3d print some.

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Bergeon Is just a distributor tools so they're not making them. Typically they buy from other people occasionally a buy everything from somebody.

Probably would have to find an older catalog where perhaps they existed.

16 hours ago, xyzzy said:

but we don't speak about what it removed?

What's the point of asking a question when you know are not authorized to speak about it?

Perhaps it was made for a type of watch that no longer exists Anymore and is no longer need to have that tool.

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