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SEIKO 6030A watch Crystal Cleaning/ Stem Removal


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Good day all,

I'm a recent 30 year retiree and elected to start cleaning some of my older watches that ended up in a box wrapped in a towel.  One in particular, a gift from my grandfather, began working with a new battery but the crystal appears foggy.

I would appreciate specific instructions for removing the stem/ crown and cleaning the crystal from an 1980 Seiko with the 6030A movement.

Thank you in advance.



Seiko 6030A photo 1.jpg

Seiko 6030A photo 2.jpg

Seiko 6030A photo 3.jpg

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Issues can easily be created if you go to remove the stem.

I just lift the palstic movement retaining ring, grab a part of the stem in long nose pliers, unscrew the crown, lift the movement out with the stem attached as you slide the stem out from inside the case.

And;   Welcome to the forum.

Good luck.

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