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Jewellers Desk For Watchmaker


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I had been using a study desk as my work bench, due to the height it's giving me pain in the neck and making it difficult to concentrate and work for longer that few minutes at a time. I need a proper desk to work on the watches. I am contemplating on getting a new workbench made, however it expensive and there are no ready made unit available, since it's not many people looking for it over here where I am at.


Few days ago, stumble upon an ad in the local used market on the internet for an old Jewellers desk and it's going for RM 100.00 that about USD 30.00. Here it is below, it's 36 inches tall and 31 inches wide with about 20 inches depth, just nice for me and it doesn't cost a bomb.




It's heavily used by the old Chinese gentleman that quit jewelry making and just decide to get rid of it. It's made of hard wood and must be around 30 years old, about that.




I will need to clean it and probably give it a much needed rub down and stain it back to seal the wood.




Very heavy and made to last.




All looks ok, except the skirting on the right. The wood crack and I will need to remove all the skirting and redo them.




It has three drawers, the top most is the widest.  I can use it as a catchment and the keys are still there :)




Okay, I am excited today and will need to do lots of work on it. Slowly I'm getting my work area done.. :)



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Thats a good solid bench and will clean up great. And for about £18 thats a bargain. Good find!

I would imagine they had some kind of pendant drill on the side where the damage is, but it's an easy fix.

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Did a quick preliminary assessment and remove the skirting, right side skirting split in two other than that everything looks good. Will glue the two piece and make use of wood filler to make it good. I think the old wood can be reuse, no replacement required.




After removing the skirting, wow..  the worktop... it's almost 2 inch thick of solid wood !! Maybe because it's a jewellers desk it was made to be thick for hammering and what else the jeweller need to do on it.




Will continue tomorrow with some sanding, fixing the broken skirting and cleaning up the rest.




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Work bench nice and cleaned and replaced the top lock, made a mistake of getting the plastic wood. It is same color as the sides but the work top is darker.


Applied Mahogany wood stain and sealer, the worktop being a jeweller desk it has sign of burnt on the front part and some surface dent due to that. So the plastic wood used as filler... but wrong color :( well, the top may need to be skimmed... but it is not that critical.

I will put a table mat on top for better work surface and a good work light next. So far I can only find the round but not the rectangular work lamp.


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Completed with worktop mat and Ikea lamp, will get a better rectangular watchmaker lamp if I can get it here at reasonable price.


Now I can do more hours on it.


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As far as I can see you got yourself quite nice piece of antique furniture. The drawers sides are dovetail joints? Are draws bottoms solid wood?  If so it is not just an average furniture making job. The whole desk looks like it is being built by an experienced tradesman.


Co you stick a close up of the different woods there? Maybe we can identify them so you would have complete description of this little beauty.



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    • I must say I'm the same, buying a complete set of something saves a lot of time and effort but there is a certain type of gratification for me hunting out all the add-ons.  Ps hands down having a psychotherapist for a wife is way better than having a psychopath for a wife in my experience 🙄  
    • Mark, good info.   My attempted photo through 10x loupe.  Not the best but an effort.  As much as this sounds dumb, the HS has increased its gap from the the cock.  And, seems to spin 3 times longer.  I think I have some residual fiber from my pegging.  What is small enough to clean out these pivots? Or is this where the L&R correct cleaning product helps?  Liquid movement will ensure the pivot holes are clear?  Yup, I have 3x cheaters and the 10x Loupe.  I will have another run at examination.  Everflex green sticks.  Quick google, will have to dig deeper.  Perhaps that is the key to clean pivot holes.   Noted on mixing Naptha based solvent and IPA, water based.  I have a gallon of Coleman White Fuel for about 15 years.  Time to use it and use as rinse.  I stumbled on a L&R Master for $20 with all original L&R jars and lids.  Just have to research basket, a topic for a different post and I am forcing myself to not get distracted by this premature acquisition and practice with my tools. For now, the main spring will not get attention.  After I put the watch together and running, a small miracle, I don't think the main spring to be a major detractor for practice.  My plan is to have my watch maker service my main spring.  Support local small business and he always shares knowledge when I visit.
    • Hi Ammar, I couldn't find anything about the chemical resistance of PLA to naphtha. According to these sources it doesn't rate too well. I think that your concern is correct. If you did a final rinse in IPA after the parts are out of the basket my guess is it would be fine. I have no affiliation in either of these companies. https://prusament.com/chemical-resistance-of-3d-printing-materials/ https://www.filamentive.com/chemical-resistance-of-3d-printing-filament/
    • Yes that is right. No offence intended. 
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