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Hey All,

I'm a younger guy that runs a software company and I've been wanting to learn to repair watches (or even make one from scratch in the distant future?). I've always loved mechanical watches in particular since they remind me that my time is precious. I used to work in a machine shop so know a bit about lathes, cnc machines and the like, and the small parts of a watch have always blown my mind. I've had some cheapish watch repair tools for 6 years or so but never did anything with them but take apart a pocket watch and not be able to put it back together.. today is the day though! I've got most of that watch that I took apart 6 years ago back together now and found out that the balance spring/balance assembly is the issue. Spring is pretty messed up hence my forum name. Here looking for advice and will make a new thread for that. With my my renewed patience I'm sure this will be a great (and addicting) hobby to finally get into.

Hope to stick around and learn the trade!

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