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Kif Springs - Favre-Leuba 253


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So I've gone and done it.  This morning while removing the jewels from the balance bridge on my Favre-Leuba 253 I broke one of the legs/arms off of the shock spring.  Not sure if I was just ham handed or if it was brittle as I had no such problem with the bottom spring on the main plate.


Another research project ensues.....


Based on this info:




I see KIF-Satellor on the page.  A clue a clue!


A few googles later and I end up on this page:




Getting warmer.  The shape of these springs is definitely correct.  


Any idea if these are the only Satellor sizes?  I can't really measure mine as one entire side is broken off and I doubt I could eyeball the difference between 1.9 mm and 1.6 mm.  


Looking around at suppliers, it looks like my only options for this part are CasKer or Otto Frei/Jules Borel in the U.S.  I've called Jules Borel in the past and they said I had to be either AWCI certified or be a student in an AWCI certified school to order from them.  Are all you guys who order from JB AWCI certified or is there some trick?


CasKer has them in stock at twice the price of JB.  I haven't tried to order from CasKer yet,  not sure if they have the same stringent requirements as JB.


I can always go for Cousins, but I hate the wait,  plus when looking for the 4-2 Cousins says it is obsolete and suggests a 3-2,3-8  not sure if those are even Satellor?


Any advice?  

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Hello Icius,

Welcome to the forum. The KIF is a difficult spring to work with in every way possible. I had a similar problem witb the KIF trior and elastors-they break quite easily and putting them in is a hassle. I finally had to buy the little tools that are specially made for the triors because I kept losing them! For your issue on ordering--I am guessing you are in the U.K.? I would suggest you order BOTH 1.6 and 1.9 if you don't know the size. I could order for you from J Borel but I live in Brooklyn and the shipping would take time. I've had help on this very topic from a member here (RustyColt) that lives in Canada, but either way it will take time for shipping. Cousins is a great material house, but if they don't have  the exact size maybe you can call them and ask them if the know for certain that the suggested equivalent will fit? These springs have very little "wiggle-room" and the size must be exact or close to it. I tried substitution of KIF elastor in two Bulovas and it didn't work--They looked identical but one had shoter legs than the other and it broke. I can order from J borel if you have the part number...



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Don't get me started on Triors, let's just say my first trior experience had me on my hands and knees with a flashlight and optivisor for about an hour :)


I'm actually in the U.S. ,  close to Pittsburgh, PA so if I shout loud enough you can hear me right?


I really appreciate the offer of ordering from J Borel.  Their part numbers are:

4-3:  400/1512 - $4.50

4-2:  400/1369 - $3.00


Not sure how you want to handle payment and such?  Send me a PM?


I priced a number of parts from CasKers and their prices really seem outlandish.  


Thanks again for your help!

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Just an update, thanks to noirrac1j I got the KIF Satellor spring I needed for this watch.  


Just so that it is on the internet, indexed and searchable for all time:

The Favre-Leuba 253 Movement takes a KIF 4-3 Satellor spring for the top balance jewel.


Replacing this spring was super easy thanks to the clingwrap method.  

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    • Thank you all for the replies!  Very informative! True enough, the Gamsol took some time to evaporate and does leave a residue. So not all naphtha are created equal!  Need to find alternatives then. i was able to try Hexane recommended by Alex and it seems great.  I wonder what the cons are?
    • Yeah, I saw that in the tech sheet but I don't see how it can be adequately cleaned with the friction pinion still in place. I've accidentally pulled the arbor right out of the wheel once when I used a presto tool to try and remove it. Mark shows how he does it with the Platax tool. Those are a little too pricey for me so I got one of these from Aliexpress and I just push down on the arbor with the end of my brass tweezers. That usually gets it most of the way out and then I just grab the wheel with one hand the and the friction pinion with the other and gently rotate them until it pops off. Probably not the best way but it's seemed to work for me so far.    
    • Thanks, Jon Sounds like a plan. Obviously I'll have the face on so do you think gripping with the holder will create any problems, but I will check in the morning to see how feasible it is but I assume it only needs to be lightly held. As for holding the movement instead of the holder won't be possible in this scenario as one hand will be puling on the stem while the other pushes the spring down. That was my initial concern is how the hell can I do this with only one pair of hands. All the other times I've had to remove the stem hasn't been a problem, apart from the force required to release the stem from the setting lever, but now I need to fit the face and hands its sent me into panic mode. If it had the screw type release things would be a lot simpler but that's life 😀   Another thing I will need to consider is once the dial and hands are fitted and the movement is sitting in the case I will need to turn it over to put the case screws in. I saw a vid on Wristwatch revival where he lightly fitted the crystal and bezel so he could turn it over, is this the only option or is there another method?      
    • Hi Jon, do You think that relation spring torque - amplitude is linear? I would rather guess that the amplitude should be proportional to the square of the torque. I had once idea to check it, but still haven't.
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