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How do I get this (still unknown) movement out of its case? Any advice?



Hello Together 

I have mainly worked on much bigger movements in the past 1.5 years. Now I've come across this lovely platinum case watch which doesn't work. I'd like to give it a closer look, but sadly, I can't manage to the get the movement out of its case. There is half of a crew head visible at 1. o'clock, but it did not turn, applying just light pressure with my screwdriver. Is turning that screw the right thing to do here? 

Thanks in advance for your time and advice. 






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    • Dear,   I regulated an NH35 movement. I got it perfect. No beat error and -2/+2 seconds. Amplitude was high and healthy. After a few minutes it stopped ticking. After moving it a bit it started but the amplitude was below 130 and the timegrapher hardly got a reading. Now it doesnt even move. I removed the balance complete and checked that the pallet fork has power (see video). It does have power I reinstalled the balance complete and checked if the hairspring moves freely (see video). It does I uploaded some pictures so you can check the hairspring. I have also checked the jewel and it seems to be ok.   Do you guys have any advice? As you can see I'm very much a novice and an amateur but thank you for your time.   Jasper   VID_20210118_095929.mp4 VID_20210118_100403.mp4
    • Hi,   I'm Jasper from Belgium and I followed Mark's course. I am an absolute amateur but will enjoy joining the forums and posting my questions!   Thanks
    • That reminded me of the show "Whose line is it anyway?" I caught a few segments of it on TikTok. Brought back some old memories.  Anyone remembers "The Benny Hill Show"? I'm sure the members from UK would!
    • Most mechanical watches will tick a few seconds, some for up to a minute, when shaken as there will be some residual power left. If it ticks for more than a few minutes then it could be a sign the mechanism needs a service. Also a faulty watch (damaged pivot etc) pivot may allow the watch to run a while but will eventually stop and then restart when shaken. Anilv  
    • I've been trying to find a slotting file to cut the screw heads, but haven't found one fine enough. Nor have I found any under cutters. So I ended up using the balance screw cutters. As long as you don't cut too much, it looks OK (usually it's a very small amount to remove). I just hold it with a finger against a staking block, without taking the hairspring off - which is how I damaged the Omega hairspring 😧.  If you have one of the balance holders I mentioned above - it would be easy. Depending on the size of the balance, you might be able to use a staking set - press down on one of the balance arms with a flat ended punch ?
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