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Classifieds - For Sale / Wanted Section??

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Good Morning Mods!

I was wondering whether there was any appetite for a Classifieds section where members could offer items for sale and / or post wanted ads?

I am a member on another (Hi-Fi) forum where this works quite well, it has no direct association with the forum and items are offered for sale at the individuals risk.

There is also a "spirit of" section where members offer items for free or usually stipulate that a donation to charity is made. 

The actual sale logistics i.e. payment / shipping is agreed via direct message between interetsed parties.

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31 minutes ago, oldhippy said:

It was decided that this forum will not go down the path of advertising. You can however if someone is asking for something use the message service on here, but no blatant adverts.  

Thanks. Makes sense, just because it works for one doesn't mean it works for all.

Is there a specific thread for the "pass it on" section mentioned in the thread posted above?

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30 minutes ago, Robbie010 said:

Is there a specific thread for the "pass it on" section mentioned in the thread posted above?

There is no section as such. If one needs help about a part can post in the repair section. Still, the idea is that this forum will not promote members acting for profit or personal benefit.

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