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    • Dear,   I regulated an NH35 movement. I got it perfect. No beat error and -2/+2 seconds. Amplitude was high and healthy. After a few minutes it stopped ticking. After moving it a bit it started but the amplitude was below 130 and the timegrapher hardly got a reading. Now it doesnt even move. I removed the balance complete and checked that the pallet fork has power (see video). It does have power I reinstalled the balance complete and checked if the hairspring moves freely (see video). It does I uploaded some pictures so you can check the hairspring. I have also checked the jewel and it seems to be ok.   Do you guys have any advice? As you can see I'm very much a novice and an amateur but thank you for your time.   Jasper   VID_20210118_095929.mp4 VID_20210118_100403.mp4
    • Hi,   I'm Jasper from Belgium and I followed Mark's course. I am an absolute amateur but will enjoy joining the forums and posting my questions!   Thanks
    • That reminded me of the show "Whose line is it anyway?" I caught a few segments of it on TikTok. Brought back some old memories.  Anyone remembers "The Benny Hill Show"? I'm sure the members from UK would!
    • Most mechanical watches will tick a few seconds, some for up to a minute, when shaken as there will be some residual power left. If it ticks for more than a few minutes then it could be a sign the mechanism needs a service. Also a faulty watch (damaged pivot etc) pivot may allow the watch to run a while but will eventually stop and then restart when shaken. Anilv  
    • I've been trying to find a slotting file to cut the screw heads, but haven't found one fine enough. Nor have I found any under cutters. So I ended up using the balance screw cutters. As long as you don't cut too much, it looks OK (usually it's a very small amount to remove). I just hold it with a finger against a staking block, without taking the hairspring off - which is how I damaged the Omega hairspring 😧.  If you have one of the balance holders I mentioned above - it would be easy. Depending on the size of the balance, you might be able to use a staking set - press down on one of the balance arms with a flat ended punch ?
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