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Dashboard clocks EA1-EA31 Smiths

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Good morning everyone, hope you are all well, quick question if i may, I have a smiths dashboard clock that is in need of a new escape wheel ( broken lower pivot ) mines an EA1, I’ve seen loads of EA31 platforms on eBay and have been unable to find any information on wether the two platforms or just the escape wheels are interchangeable? Has anyone here any experience on these Movements please that could help me out? 
many thanks in advance

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I'm assuming you can't re-pivot the wheel.  I would go for a replacement platform, just make sure the leaf count is the same, that is the the teeth on the escape wheel. 

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6 hours ago, oldhippy said:

I'm assuming you can't re-pivot the wheel.  I would go for a replacement platform, just make sure the leaf count is the same, that is the the teeth on the escape wheel. 

I’d love re-pivot it mate but I don’t have the drill press attachment for my lathe tail stock ( 6mm lorch ) so re-pivoting is unfortunately not possible.

Would I be correct in saying the leaves  are on the pinion and not the escape wheel itself?

well hopefully eBay will produce, I have seen a few for the other movements EA31’s but none so far for EA1’s, I’ll message the sellers anyway to see what the leaf counts are. Cheers for the help

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    • A question that comes up all too often is problems related to hairsprings. Seems like a simple solution the hairspring is removable they can be swapped. But you're going to end up with timing issues each hairspring comes with its balance wheel it's why they're not sold a separate components they come together. I'm attaching a PDF it's not for your watch I want you to go to the very last page. The very bottom of the last page look at how they hairspring looks? Compare that with your hairspring they don't quite look the same. I don't think your hair Springs been destroyed I think it can be fixed but it can't be fixed if you don't grasp what it's supposed to look like. Then even if you grasp what it's supposed to look like hairspring work requires a lot of time to learn. Like everything else in watch repair it requires a heck of a lot of practice. You really should be practicing bending hairsprings every single day preferably not in a watch something disposable. Look on eBay look for cheap movements  Something a don't care about something to practice with because without the practice trying to practice as you go on the watches are working on is not a recipe for success. The reason for the PDF is the last page talks about the etachron system which adds complications perhaps. So the problem is at least for me it's hard to tell where the problem is with your hairspring other than the problem is very visible.  This is because it could be a bend of the hairspring or if the etachron  stud for instance has been rotated and you're not quite the right place that is not be a problem also. Or more likely you have both problems. Seiko 7S26C_36C.pdf
    • Buttoned back up and ticking away nicely. I wonder how many of these are still running? Some Metamec history.  
    • Right. Moebius 8200 is a good option.
    • In case of selfwinders you want the friction between spindle and barrel wall within a certain interval, so it would release the extra wind. There is also the possibility of spring rubbing on barrel bottom plate or lid, so I like to stay on the safe side as much as I can.  
    • Would appear you have a malformed coil (terminal Curve)     as you move the regulator it is bearing on the balance spring pushing it to the side. The regulator should be able to move from fast to slow without mechanically moving the balance spring as it should sit centrally between the regulator pins and only touch the inner and outer pins whilst in action effectivly shortening the spring or lengthening it according to its  position. the attachment  will give you a pictorial walk through of the action.     cheers 204847356_WatchTheoryEscape-Regulator (1).pdf
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