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Omega 23.4 SC seconds wheel


Dear all,

I rescued a gorgeous Omega 23.4 SC movement from the scrap drawer of our local jeweller. Made between 1935 and 1936. It's Omega's first ever movement with central seconds. Before you can remove the barrel bridge I think it's sensible to take out the seconds wheel that connects to the seconds hand arbour - if only I knew how. It looks like it is friction fit. I have the three legged Presto No. 3 tool that you use when pulling out chronograph wheels but am reluctant to use it on the seconds wheel since I don't know what I'm doing. Can someone help please?




Thanks an all the best from Hamburg


p.s. hard to see in the pictures but the securing disc on top of the wheel is tapered.

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Forgot the p.s.
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    • There is a Orient movement too, HFA00, but it's even less common than the Y182B.  The 7T42B will also fit and work fine too, but it's less common than the 7T32B. Physically, many other Seiko movements, 7T52, 7T34, etc. are the same size and shape.  But the hands and date are different, so they wouldn't make sense with your dial. So how frakenwatch do you want to go?  I think ANY 7Txx movement can fit in the case.  The part that matters is getting a spacer ring that fits the movement to the case's diameter.  But this is just a plastic ring and one you have could probably be easily modified to fit another 7Txx.  The two crown and three pusher layout of the 7T32 is less common.  If the donor movement has a different arraignment, it will be rather ugly to say the least.  But at least the main crown will always be there at 3 o'clock so the time can be set! The dial itself needs to fit the case and there is usually a bezel ring meant to fit the dial and case.  Thickness is an issue too with the bezel ring fitting the case.  However, these don't really come in that many different sizes. But you might be able to repair your watch.  If the circuit board has not been damaged then the remaining parts are attainable.  The exact correct crown might not be available, but one that fits and looks close will be. And if the circuit board is damaged, then you can buy a working watch to get the movement or board.  That's much easier than trying to fit a 7T92 into your case and will have a better outcome.  
    • Hi      The Empire models were made by the Anglo/Celtic Watch Company in wales from 1948 1980   https://www.smithswatches.com/pages/smiths-guides-2                                                                 https://www.smithswatches.com/pages/smiths-guides-2 these two sites contain quite a bit of information. Does the watch have a serial number on the back.  The movement will have some identification on the front plate under the dial or under the balance wheel.
    • Hello and welcome to the forum.   Starting out on the right fool Via Mark's courses well done.
    • Hello all,  I just completed the first stage course and enjoyed it very much , I have a small collection of manual watches and a fair number of Royce watches all now going bar one, a small ladies pendant fob watch, - was told it was overwound? I know ! I know! - buy will wait till course two completed before I get confident with that one, I have been looking for a unitas ETA 6497 movement, and was horrified at the prices being asked on ebay and Amazon, anyone else struggle with this.  as I write I have found for 42 pounds plus postage which I will take and use after to build my own watch. how weird I start writing about ot then found one! keep you all posted    Alan
    • Any Smiths Watches experts out there who could help me date this watch? I know it was made in Wales but would love to know it’s age. Thanks.
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