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Gidday, great to see you all here :)

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I'm an electronics tech and digital media designer/producer with tinkerer, repairer and bush engineer thrown in.

When I was 6yo I was given a plastic clock for my birthday that I could build and dismantle easily as well as a mechano set, thats pretty much when it began. That plastic clock got repaired hundreds of times ?

As a teenager I went through a drawer in my Grandads garage and found a pocket watch that a I sort of fell in love with, I remember it wound up and ticked when i swivelled it next to my ear. After my Grandad passed away I don't know what happened to it but always remembered what it looked like.

At 30 I bought a mostly complete 6mm Lorch lathe and started learning how to use it, making a 1/16 steam traction engine from scratch, laugh out loud.. still not quite finished.

Later I found out clock and watch repair was in my blood from Scotland in the late 1800's (Lawson and Fairburn) from Mum's side of the family overseas that I never met, that has inspired me even more.

A few years ago I decided to find out what my Grandads pocket watch was, turned out to be a Hebdomas that I now own three of, cheap broken ones from the internet.

Now I've got lots of broken pocket watches and quite a few special tools thanks to several great books, Mark Lovick's youtube channel as well as JD Richard and Bunspecial.. no animals were harmed in the repair and filming of this pocket watch.

My focus mainly on pocket watches; old, small enough to handle but not too small although I do have a few pendulum clocks and a cookoo. I mostly read but hope to share more here.

Cheers, Dave



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    • I am completely new to watch repair, but after a few days of research, I decided I wanted to repair a broken pocket watch that I had sitting around. After some careful disassembly I opened up the mainspring and soon noticed that the spring was detached from the barrel arbor. It seems that the hook attaching the spring to the barrel arbor has snapped off. I am wondering how it is recommended that I reattach the mainspring. Thanks, NovemberNeptune
    • I am a student and am completely new to watch repair, however have been interested in watches and animatronics most of my life. I would like to start doing watch repair as a hobby and am currently learning the fundamentals. I have many questions and hope to learn a lot from this forum.
    • Hello everyone,   For awhile now I have been working on and designing my own watches. I am getting closer to having all the parts made for me and have started to think about assembly.   I have been working on watches for a number of years now and I always thought little about the process of casing the watch up. It was just the final step. However now that I will be hopefully assembling a lot more watches I have begun to think more about the process and the tools that could make this process easier and ensure I have a professional final product.  Some of the tools I have considered buying,  - A vacuum tool for cleaning the inside of the case  - A hand press for fitting hands   - Plier style spring bar tool  - Stem Cutter    -Wooden tipped tweezers (handling the hands)  I already own a case press and a variety of other tools. Does any one want to give me some thoughts about these tools or what you might recommend? The goal is to speed up assembly, assure no dust gets in the case and not mark up any components during assembly. I plan on spending around 3000 pounds. ($5000 CAD dollars)   Cheers,  Liam Branch 
    • So, the more you guys tweak the more entropy that results.  You are killing us.  Worse than AGW!! Interesting article a must read for horologists!
    • I'm afraid I don't have the experience or knowledge to help you with your questions, but I was thinking that the new part might fit. I would suggest that you could give it a try. Just be gentle and observant and I really don't think there's any risk for any damage to the movement or the part. Worst case scenario, it doesn't fit and no harm has been done.
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