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Poljot 2616 movement oiling and part "id" question


Seasons greetings. I finally plucked up enough courage to take on my first automatic watch (Sekonda 30 jewels with a Poljot 2616 movement) clean/repair/oil. I've managed to track down the info sheets relating to the Poljot 2616 and the 2614B which it shares many parts. Sadly the 2616 sheet doesn't have the key to the parts. With the knowledge gained from the forum.

My question is do the following have names? I'm wanting to call the larger one a ratchet wheel, I think '1520' is the part number? Does it need oiling or left well alone? It moves freely after cleaning, it was all gummed up with oil. Even with my limited experience I think there was an excess of oil throughout the watch!

The smaller two, I've no idea I think the part numbers could be something like '1480', '1481' as a guess. the smaller gear on top rotates and they live in the part of the automatic winding mechanism.

Any advice or knowledge would be much appreciated.




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