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Vostok 2416B Amphibia

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Thanks Geo,
here is the secret to my lighting;
eBay item #121337832210
It was a birthday present to myself at the beginning of March to use on my microscope. However a quick cobbling together of a suitable adapter and it now also fits my camera, providing enough light to permit hand held macro shots, so no more tripod on the bench.
The wifey bought me cycling gear as she says that I spend far too much time sat on my fat backside fiddling with watches and I ought to do something to keep my circulation going!!
I will spare you the photos of high vis lycra  :thumbsd:

My Wifie also makes me walk and use my speed bag. They want us to look good.

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You'll have noticed that my Vostok Komandirskie watch came with a faux leather strap. This didn't look right so I decide that a brushed SS bracelet was called for. The one in the pictures cost £15 inc post from China. It came supplied with spare links and a pin pusher with a spare screw-in pin. It's heavy and beautifully echoes the bezel.

I need the link for that watch band, it looks great.

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Thanks a lot Marc for the walkthrough thumbsu.gif
Hopefully, in a few weeks I get my new diver, different dial as the "Diver Dude", but that has to do with special memories....
2415 movement, I believe is the same a the 2416B, but without date. I also understood that the movements are interchangeable in the case. Obviously, the this dial is not going to work with the date-version, but ample customization options seems also to be a  strong point of this watch wink.png
Can't wait to have a peek inside.... very excited getdown.gif

I have one of these:)42872dd6ef7375ea9c3f69f35e2e205d.jpgAnd one of these.

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    • I cleaned it by soaking in Home Depot naptha and pegging by hand, 2 rinses. Demagnetized the whole thing, as well. I'll dig back in with both suggestions and report back any findings. Enjoying the process.
    • also;  there several books on the internet on that subject.  good luck.  vin
    • Always hard so make a guess... Anyway, I think the problem is on the dial side, i.e. the dial train (cannon pinion, minute wheel, hour wheel, intermediate wheel). Could it be that the clutch wheel doesn't disengage properly from the intermediate wheel that drives the minute wheel when you set the time? If so the intermediate wheel may bind up the minute wheel making things slow down and then stop. Well, just guessing. Anyway, I'd check the dial train (motion works) and the keyless works. I think your idea of removing the cannon pinion to see if it solves the problem is a good idea. If it doesn't help you'll know for sure the problem is with the train of wheels or the escapement. Good luck and let us know of any progress or any new observations.
    • This was really fascinating, but I couldn’t hear sound, do I have a fault at my end? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • Hi  The difficult bit is removing the staff without bending the balance rim  hence the use of the Platax tool and the K&D tools to hold the balance flat. Some watch makers put the broken balance in a lathe and cut the rivit off, which is a skilled job so as not to mess up the balance hub.  I have in the past done it using a stake and a set of punches and was succesfull.  The K&D tools come up on the bay from time to time as do Platax tools who command a price greater than £250 the K&K s  go for arround the £50 mark.  I would reccomend that before embarking on this journey that you watch Mark our Hosts videos on UTube  and then decide on the course of action to take.     Hope all this is useful for you.   cheers
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