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New to the hobby


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Hello Guys,

My name is Sidney. I am from the US. I am new to the hobby of watch repair.

I am stuck on how to remove the mechanism out of watch case.

It looks like the watch lens has to be removed first before the watch mechanism can be removed.

I have never used a lens press before and I’m afraid of breaking the lens if done wrong.

There is a lip around the back of the watch that stops the mechanism from coming out that way.

any advice on how to remove it?





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Welcome to the forum.

Yes, this comes out the front. The two large casing screws need to be removed, and then the crystal and bezel for it come off. A sharp, clear photo of the side of the case, should confirm the bezel is a separate piece. The press might be used to reinstall it- not a concern at the moment.

It appears the small screw, adjacent to where the stem enters, is the stem release. Loosen, but don't remove, that screw, and the stem should pull out. Then the movement can be removed from the front.

You may want to remove the hands before you take the movement out, to protect them from damage.

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And I agree with watchweasol, in that if the bezel is NOT separate (Which is why we need the sharp focus side view- to determine that), you will need to remove the crystal with that crystal lift shown. I have the same one (well, an antique Vigor branded one), and it works great (once the decomposed rubber bands inside that open the fingers are replaced)!

They are replicated in China now, so should not be too expensive.

Another idea: if you can get the crown and stem out, re-install the back, and try an air pump at the crown tube to pop the crystal out. (but you'll still need the lift to get it back in!).

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17 minutes ago, Sidney said:

Thanks everyone,

The top part of the watch does come off with the lens. After examining the side of the watch I noticed a notch where to pry the bezel apart.

thanks again 


I would not keep the balance like that as you can damage the bottom pivot of balance staff.

Btw, you will need to remove or loosen up that small screw on the right side of the balance cock and push out the hairspring stud. Gently of course.. just a touch with a sharp end pegwood stick, or tweezers, etc.

This step is necessary to get access to two small screws, which are holding the cap jewel plate. Please see below an example of what is ahead.

Good luck!

Balance2 - Copy.PNG

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