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CousinsUK's Christmas gift to European WR-Talkers outside of the UK.

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Here's some great news for all European WR-Talkers outside of the UK who usually shop from CousinsUK.com

Previously, and to my annoyance, Cousins have unfortunately been unable to deliver hazardous products, such as cleaning fluids, outside of the UK. Consequently I've had to order these products from my local supplier which has prevented me from taking advantage of Cousins' often favorable prices. As a result, I have refrained from buying this type of products and tried to find cheaper solutions. In itself good, but as I said annoying.

Well, from now on Cousins offer shipping of hazardous products to outside of the UK. Yes, somewhat more expensive but still reasonable. So I consider this my number one Christmas gift for 2020!

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19 minutes ago, watchweasol said:

Hi VWatchie      I should stick to Whiskey for the Xmas drink   but you may need the above after the festivities If you over indulge.

and don't mix them up. Perhaps same taste, different outcome ?

Happy X-mas to all ?

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6 hours ago, Knebo said:

Any feedback on how well this one works? Have you used Evaporust?

Wasn't too impressed by the Horosolv Rust Remover. Can't really remember now but I think it was too aggressive. No, haven't tried Evaporust but have been meaning to. I've been using absolute pure vinegar 24% and it works really well so I can recommend it. However, if I can get rid of the rust using my fiberglass pen I prefer it as all these liquid rust removers tend darken the non-rusty parts like the wheel arbor. Not that it really matters but I want my parts to look pretty.

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