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TIMEX watch "crystals" - from Scotland - hidden treasure found :)

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I managed to buy a few boxes of Timex watch crystals, they once belonged to someone who worked for Timex for all his life and sadly is not with us anymore. They came from Aberdeen and the gentleman worked for the Dundee Timex factory in the sixties. They have different sizes and shapes and it seems they were actually samples for quality control. I cannot take out the writing on the "TIMEX inspection report"s as it is faded away but the smaller sized "Final Inspection: is dated as 1978 and I can read/take out the same year on the TIMEX  inspection reports too as far as I can see it. I found it very interesting so I thought I would share with you. I know there are Timex fans out there.

An interesting BBC documentary: The Rise And Fall Of Timex Dundee - Full BBC Broadcast - October 2019 There is some glitch with the voice at the end, unfortunately you cannot watch it on the BBC at the moment.














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I watched the Documentary twice and found it a stark reminder of the methodology of the management at the time and the bull neck approach of the unions Indicative of the British Auto industry and the Railways, hopefully never to be repeated.   Dundee was a good factory with skilled workers its demise was a great pity.

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@AndyHull Could you please go there and check if you could pick these jigs up? 🙂 Are all of the buildings completely gone? I would want to see both sites, where the tools were made and also the assembly line. Maybe there are some tools in garages just like these watch crystals were.

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1 hour ago, AndyHull said:

Believe me if there were still bits of old Timex lying in the bins there I'd have grabbed them.



Seems the fence was made for eternity.

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I got them today, some of them are damaged as they were put into the same plastic bag and the sharp legs scratched the faces. I was kind of expecting that when I saw them in the same bag on aBay and the royal mail also helped with the damage, most of them are ok though. If you still would like to trade i am going to pick those where there is no damage.IMG_20201203_175903.thumb.jpg.86560bdf6745bae7bddfd99a9c8766c6.jpg

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taking a closer look at those Snoopy dials I see the movement number is 100.  That means they are for the smaller version of the watch made for children or ladies. The dial code starts left to right. the first grouping indicates the model and features. the second grouping is the movement number followed by year of production. so in this example movement 100 and year made 1981.



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I wanted actually ask if there is a bigger version of those snoopy dials or only kids. I assume the hands are also made for the different versions? You have good eyes and knowledge. They all seem to be small, only that black snoopy (02480) is a bit bigger.

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 The bigger question is what to do with all these dials? To try and build complete watches from them will take a bit of luck to come across the missing parts. Case, crystal, movement, hands, stem, case back. Or as I once saw them reused as the front decoration on draw pull knobs!  Think of having a Snoopy collector see those as "I've got have them"...:0


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    • No numbers on the back of the case. The movement says (from memory) Timex, no (0) jewels, maybe unadjusted, and BN2. Edit: I lied, there's a 4 cast into one of the case lugs.
    • Hi   Looking at the back plate it looks like a 24, Have attached the 24 manual and a couple of others for you. I note there are no numbers on the dial so the will most likely be on the back, from the number you can devine its modle and mfg date. 24 (2).pdf Crown & Stem 401-1 TX1J Water-Resistant 1977.pdf Crown & Stem 401-1 TX2D Non-Water-Resistant 1971.pdf
    • hello can anyone please help I got this watch from my late father when he passed it had been , attempted to be repaired by who know and the minute button is missing , i managed to get it p and running but cant find a replacement button anywhere on the internet.
    • Hello guys, I decided to join the forum because my small watch collection is growing. As it does, I am facing new challenges and I hope to learn from you. I do not have any technical background on watch repair, but that wasn't really a problem while I had access to a trusted watchmaker who would assist me with my crazy ideas projects. But for a few years I have been an expatriate, and so far I haven't found a professional I can trust where I currently live. My current headache restoration project is the Waltham you can see in the pictures below. I was told its movement is missing pieces, and I intend to purchase a new movement for it. My current problem: I do not know what movement to look for. Behind what seems to be the escapement, there are very small numbers I couldn't read properly. All I could discern was the last line "1908".  I sincerely appreciate any help. Best regards, Andy
    • hello i am a novice here just trying to repair my fathers quartz omega it has taken me 10 yrs since his passing to try get parts.
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