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New guy Introduction

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Greetings all!

Been lurking here and there as I've begun to cut my teeth as a hobbyist. I hit the ground running when I turned my attention to mechanical watches and jumped straight into the deep end of the pool. Hope to get to know some of you as I reach out for assistance with issues I am having and hope to be able to contribute as well as I learn more.



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18 hours ago, watchweasol said:

Hello Ryan and welcome to the forum.    Just a little light reading to get you started.

TZIllustratedGlossary.pdf 4.2 MB · 5 downloads

Thank you for this @watchweasol! While I am fairly well versed in the basic anatomy its really nice to have this kind of reference material. I was (sort of) surprised at how much terminology I was unfamiliar with!

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42 minutes ago, watchweasol said:

Hi Ryan   you are welcome It maybe a bit basic if you are already versed in the art of watch repair. I have attached another for you a bit more advanced .

Witschi Training Course.pdf 4.65 MB · 0 downloads

That's awesome! I've got them saved and will later print them out and place them in a binder to fully read and then reference as needed. I love material like this. It's really helpful to have manuals and such to reference since my memory seem to get more fragmented as time ticks by. 🤪

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