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The Tudor 9411 (black dial)


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This watch was the score of the decade for me. I always liked the Tudor “snowflake” hands and block markers better than the 5513 Rolex for sure. 

This gem was an eBay score. I checked it over carefully- the crown was worn; crystal was horrible; bezel didn’t rotate. It was sold “head only” and was scarring a lot of buyers away. I grabbed it for a very good price. Not Y2K good price (when these were trading VERY cheaply) but for the time, well below average. Based on what I could confirm as genuine, I would break even as a parts mule. 

Got it home and popped the hood- Tudor marked 2784. One set of service scratches on the case back. Popped the bezel and crystal- correct silver date wheel; correct dial. Hands I had confirmed before purchase, and reconfirmed. Case markings and bracelet wear indications present and correct. No corrosion on the case! All good. 

De-funked the bezel assembly- all original and correct. Insert is original and correct, although the “Pearl” was missing. I installed an NOS Tritium Pearl and that was about it. 

The crystal was replaced with an NOS paper bag (early) T-125 “top hat” crystal, which is correct for this watch. I see a lot with Rolex 1680 T-127 crystals, which fit, but are wrong. I think the crystal is the most critical element in preserving the original “look” of the watch. Soon after introduction, they started beveling the top edges of the crystals, due to chips. They don’t look the same. 

I also installed an NOS 702 crown, onto the original tube (which was perfectly fine). New gaskets throughout of course. 

Picked up a 93150 bracelet with almost no wear for it. Not the correct year but I do have a correct year 9315 (folded link) clasp squirreled away, if I come across a decent bracelet that I can afford. 

So, that’s the story. Keeps good times but needs service. I may tackle it soon. Loved it so much I started collecting parts to build a blue dial one, and that’s almost done now too... another post perhaps. 



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