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Omega Constellation Chronometer 1976 1250 wont run


Hi folks in short I have a omega constellation chronometer with 1250 movement 300 Hz I put a new battery in it and it will not run this watch looks like brand new hardly anywhere on it at all original crystal has the logo in the center this watch is immaculateBut with new battery it will not run. Thank you so much please help God bless Brad

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Hello Brad and welcome to the forum,  First thing is to try it on a line release unit to see if the hands cycle under power.  Remove battery first.  if thats ok  put a drop of oil on the pivot tops you can see and cycle again and then re try with a battery if still a non starter check the continuity if the coil.  and if you can the output of the block for pulses  using a meter on the micro amps scale.  Attached is the tech sheet for the omega.


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