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Citizen HISONIC movement (3711A date only model)


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Dear all,

I always wanted an Accutron but you know they are quite expensive (converted ones a little cheaper). So I purchased a Citizen HISONIC for a reasonable price from Yahoo Auctions and learned my lesson :). You get what you pay for. The case had and the crystal had a lot of scratches, which is not a biggy but the movement is dead.

When I looked with a loupe, I saw that index jewel is missing, pawl jewel bent badly, one of the coils smashed and more issues. So trying to replace these parts, especially the jewels is beyond my skill and it will be a challenge to find each and most probably will cost me almost an Accutron I assume.

What would you do? Try to replace those parts or find a new movement? Where is the best place to source a new movement or parts? Watch shops here in Japan are asking crazy expensive prices. ¥40.000 - ¥60.000 (around $400 - $600) to fix it and I cannot afford even if I could, I'd buy myself a nice Accutron instead.

I was so happy until I unscrewed the back cover, auctions are not my thing I guess :). 

Thank you in advance.


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Well thats a bit unfortunate, from the enclosed blurb they are based on or exact copies of the bulova accutron made under licence, hope the attached will be of some use in determining the model you have and give you a lead as to the exchange unit if it can be found. One would suppose they are interchange able.  I have also attached the sheet for the 214 which will be pretty close to the 218.

Also have a look at Ranfft for the Bulova 218 for more tech details.

Bulova Accutron 214.pdf Citizen - Electric Watches.html

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Watchweasol, thank you very much for the reply and thank you for the files, very kind of you.

Like many other, I am self training and fixing these watches seems like really difficult because of the size of the parts.

As you mentioned, Hisonics are actually Accutrons which is lucky cause I can find parts easily on Ebay I assume. I will try to source the parts using the parts list you sent. Again thank you very much.

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