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Speeding up a watch movement


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I am not really an amateur watch repairer.  
I live in Melbourne Australia and am finally allowed to wake up and go outside again.  I'm 72 and a model railway enthusiast (N-Scale)

This is probably a strange request but I'll ask anyway.  

The latest thing in model railways is to make things other than the trains move also where possible, to get it to look more life like.

On my layout therefore have a guy felling a tree, a hunter shoot a stag that actually drops dead, a coffin lowering into a grave as the bell tolls.

For some time now I have been wondering how I can make the clock on the clock tower actually show the "model" time.  So firstly I am looking for a small witch movement.  For N-scale 10 mm diameter, for HO/OO 20 mm.  The latter seems to be easier to find.  Then the problem starts.  So one does not have wait for 24 hour for a day to pass, on the model time should be accelerated by a factor of 12 or even 24.  On movements with electronics is it possible to feed it with external clock pulses to achieve that?  I also need to bet able to set the movement the correct time so I can synchronise it with the clock in the controller.  

Any suggestions are most welcome.  


Wolf,  (Melb Aus)



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Hi and welcome,  On the quartz watches the speed is governed by the the crystal which operates at 32,768 pulses per sec which is then further cut down via the electronics module (Block).  So by altering the crystal frequency it would alter the block out put.  Its all supposition as I have never conteplated doing it.

Perhaps the attached manual will help as it explains the fundamentals of quartz technology         Cheers

Witschi Training Course.pdf

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