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Glashütte Original - Workshop Tour

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This is one of the best workshop tour videos I've seen on "The Tube". 

Everything at Glashütte is made in-house, including a section that custom makes all the tools for the watchmakers ... a completely self-contained company, and the definition of "In-House". 

The facilities are par excellence, in true German fashion: where everything has a place, and is in it's place, maintained, perfect, pure and clean.

What a joy it must be to work in such a place. Ah well ... we can all dream.


For the enjoyment of my fellow obsessive compulsive watchmakers :)


The world-famous Glashütte watchmakers


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Thanks for posting Lawson, I fair enjoyed it. I like the way they give you a loupe with a new watch so you can really appreciate the fine detail.

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Thanks Lawson for this great video.

For me, the most importance seeing this videos is to observe and learn, As Mark videos, I see every one with the eyes of an observer and try to learn all tips the video shows. For instance, in this video, I can learn how they make this blue screws that can be found in some nice movements. Just seat them over a soldering iron well hot for a few seconds and presto, the heat turn the silver finished screw head in blue. Now if I lost one of this or need a replace, just need to find one ordinally equal and turn it in blue.

Remember, keep your eyes open, one in the beauty of images other in the tips you can learn.  :phew:

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Great video. Thanks Lawson. The juxtaposition of modern machine manufacturing with meticulous handwork. It makes me really appreciate the watchmakers who lived before cnc machines.

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