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Trying to channel some positive energy here tonight after my spring failure...

After I finished my movement holder I was asked if I could make rack handle ferrules for old Phase Linear amplifiers. The original ferrules arrived this afternoon so I took a stab at it. 

OD is .500 inch for reference. (The gray one is the original and the silver one is what I made today)






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Simple enough turning job, though parting off finish could be improved on😉.........Oh to have access to a lathe again, that is the one thing I miss about retiring, my first job on leaving school was a five year apprenticeship as a scientific instrument maker, we spent the first 6 months in the apprentice school making our own tools, still have the centre finder and set square......

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I agree on that surface finish. I left three thousandths there for lapping but was rushed at the end of the day. 

It sits against the face plate anyway so not critical (provided its flat so there are no gaps). 

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