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First excuse if any unconvenience, English isn't among my best skills.
I fall in love with watches (and clocks) as a child, I break my first "Cauny" watch around 7. I persisted and was able to repair some from fool family member watches. Work keep me away from hobby long time, although I was able to join several cases, watches and parts that today I try to revive in my 60's, with a pair of shaky hands and poor eyesight.
I have a few tools and little knowledge, but found that your're an inveluable resource to fill my infinite gaps, I'll try to not bother you too much asking for help to do things the right way and not only my fool solutions.
Most watches I'm fiddling today are discarded 10xx and f300 omegas and some automatic ETA's, some survived me, some not so much.
I thank you all for sharing your valuable advice and knowledge.
Kindest regards from Spain.

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Hi, and thanks for the greetings,
I have some accutrons as well, I discovered through the expensive path that you could destroy a tuning fork watch if you dare to more than watching it, although I was able to revive some thanks to old stock bought years ago, but quite expensive in today's market.
I promise that I will never touch an accutron further than hands, dial or keyless, but was able to repair and adjust some ESA and Omegas. those movements are far easier than bulovas, even with my hands and a microscope.
Not dealing with tasks as I only dream with better tools, but keen to learn and share if I can help in any way.

Again thanks for the welcome post.

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Hi and thanks to all,
f300 are (IMHO) the "easiest" to fiddle among the tuning fork watches, they are built into two different modules one for the fork itself with the index wheel and the other for the watch itself, but any case really tricky even with a good microscope and firm hands (no my case)
I dared to touch some, incredibly easy to break or unset the fingers and very delicate to adjust, but never tried even to touch any accutron (the original and first diapason watch)) 

I hope to learn a lot from your awesome knowledge and ideas, and share some of my projects, usually very simple ones, as my hands and eyesight aren't what they used to be.

Again thank you all for your warm welcome.

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