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Hello everyone,


   I started collecting watches a few years ago and have decided I would like to be able to look after them myself and so begins my journey into watch repair and maintenance. At the moment I have gone through some of the course and am gathering the tools needed. I have started to tinker with some old quartz watches while I work up the courage to actually try to take apart a mechanical watch and put it together again. I've bought a job lot of old watches and have selected one to begin practicing on. It appears to be a clone of a Tag Heur  Carrera and I've run into a  problem. There  doesnt appear to be a way to release the crown from the case that I can see. I've loosened any screws which are visible but the crown remains firmly in place. Any suggestions or hints would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance



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    • Dear all, my mother gave me a Swiss pocket watch made by Robert, Gerth & Cie in 1889. It belonged to my great-great-grandfather. Wonderful watch - already with a Swiss lever escapement. Unfortunately someone in the past has taken out the the two wheels of the Geneva stop work in the mainspring barrel lid. The distance between the centers of the wheels are 4 mm. I know that it is highly unlikely to find a scrapper movement with exactly the same dimensions for the maltese cross and the finger. However I found an bought a cardboard box on ebay UK with about 100 antique mainspring barrels. And indeed in one of the barrels I found a stop work with exactly 4 mm center to center.  A fellow named Jules Grossmann from LeLocle in Switzerland wrote a treatise on watchmaking in 1905 called Lessons in Horology. In there he describes the mathematical construction of the Geneva stop work. If you follow his instructions you can very easily make a drawing. To cut a long story short. All the dimensions fit the wheels I have sourced almost perfectly (give or take a few 1/100th). Now to the problem: The hole in the maltese cross is too small for the seat on the barrel lid. However this can be easily fixed in the lathe. The square hole of the finger wheel (1.3 mm) is too large for the square on the barrel arbour (1.0 mm).  Since I am only an amateur I have absolutely no idea how to go from here. What would a watchmaker proper do?  Thanks and all the best from Hamburg, Alex     2020_sept_r_g_cie_federhaus_federhausbruecke.bmp
    • I hold the hand with a drop of Rodico on the end of whatever is handy at the moment...
    • Welcome!  Just read around a bit and you'll discover all the parts suppliers.
    • Welcome! I'm going to go out on a limb and assume you have a fondness for Omega's products?
    • Welcome! Many hairsprings have fallen victim to my, er, techniques...
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