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New Member, New Watch Questions


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I am new to watch repair (mainly brought in by the videos which have helped me some with a watch I'm working on trying to fix), though not new to "getting my fingers dirty" in fixing things.

I am working on a Soviet navy pocket watch which was given to me a while ago as a gift by a friend.  The worst case is that the balance staff is shot, but until I get decent magnification I cannot tell.  I have taken this to a jewelry stor whose watch repair guy said that he doesn't have the parts to repair it.  Sigh.  I like this watch, and hope to get it running, but need to continue to get tools (right now, magnavision!).


Thanks for letting me in (yeah, I'll get a photo of the watch up for you all soon).


Matt / MFonner

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Welcome to the forum Matt. I for one will be waiting with interest to see how you get on with your pocket watch.

An easy way to check if the balance pivots are broken, it's to get a puffer and gently puff the edge of the balance wheel. If all is well, it will swing back and forth easily. If it doesn't, use a cocktail stick or a sharpened matchstick and very gently lift the edge of the balance wheel and if it flops about one or both pivots are likely to be broken. Bear in mind you may also have jewel problems.

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Welcome Matt, finding replacement parts is all part of watch repair & identifying the movement can also be a bit tricky. A few pics of your watch & possibly the movement is always helpful. There is normally someone on this forum that can help or point you in the right direction.

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Sorry, everyone, had an issue signing in and then went on vacation.  I have photos and will upload them a bit later today. I have been cruising the net to look for similar watches (based on case and face) but have not seen one with similar design.  Geo, I have had the watch working in the past, and either something went "sproing" wrongly, or perhaps I do have jewel issues.  I am still afraid to truly disassemble this watch without having a decent magnifier (got one and need to get space set up). so we shall see what comes of it....will also try to get better (close up) photos of area where balance wheel rides.


Thank you all for your patience.

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