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Since a few days I’m no longer able to log into the forum via the Ipad app. When trying, I either get a ”denied” or ”failed plus a long list of code gibberish” message.

I have tried to update the app and also changed pw via the regular web browser.

Is anyone else having app login issues?


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Are you talking about Tapatalk??

I have disabled this plugin temporarily for several reasons. You can load up WRT in Safari and it actually works much better (my personal preference). Or in iPad version of google chrome you get the mobile version as made by the forum software developer and that also works brilliantly.

- it was causing some issues with the website, and in particular the security measures we have in place to help prevent DDos attacks. I did this yesterday to see if the errors will go away (they did) and am testing it further to confirm.

- The other issue I have with Tapatalk is their placement of advertising on my forum of which we do not seem to have any control. When I logged on to test this I saw some pretty awful advertisements which seemed to be promoting these stupid mobile games - with zero benefit to the community.

- We originally used Tapatalk back in the day because the Mobile version of the site was terrible - this has improved immensely, and has made me wonder about the relevance of Tapatalk.

If we get an update to Tapatalk that doesn't cause errors I will consider again to install it.

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Thanks for the quick response, Mark!

And yes, this was concerning Tapatalk. When I started using my Ipad for WRT this app seemed to be the best option but things change...

Good to hear that the browser version works fine and will continue that way.


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