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Beautiful movement that needs a home

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I have a beautiful Wittnauer 11arg movement that I bought off a jewler for 10 dollars. I figured that I could easily find a suitable case to fit the movement. To this date I have been unable to find a home for this movement. A year ago I ordered a case off of ebay that matched with my movement. When the package arrived at my house it was empty. The Wittnauer 11arg movement is based off an as 1361. Does anybody know where I can find obscure parts/ know where I can get a suitable case?




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Finding a suitable case is fun and frustrating at the same time. 

I assume you want to use the original dial, so you need to know the movement major (largest) OD; dial diameter and stem height. The last dimension is measured from the face of the dial down to the center of the stem. 

if you don’t mind to change the dial, you may be able to get an aftermarket Datejust case to work with a movement ring. I’m not certain, but it appears that movement is smaller diameter than Rolex; but if it IS the same as a 2824, you will have many parts available to make it work. 

you can add date spacer rings under the dial to adjust stem height although this may require new hands. 

It’s never plug n play unless you can find an original case. 

Try searching the movement and see if a dead donor can be found for a movement swap. 

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