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Identifying Landeron Balance


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Hi all, hope your having a good day!

I have finally got back to restoring a Landeron movement, a personal project I started a while back. I believe it is an early cal. 48 although it may be a 47? The balance was one of the many issues with the watch. With a broken pivot on the staff and the balance spring beyond fixing, without buying professional tools finding a complete balance would be the easiest way for me to fix the issue.

I am at a complete loss as to what balance I need; I know its a non-incabloc, possibly made by either Barbell or Renata but I'm not sure what I should be looking for, or where to find one. There are many variants and I'm not sure if any of the calibers of Landeron house the same balance that I might be able to utilise?  

I've attached a picture of the movement before I disassembled if it's to any use? Any help is very much appreciated!

Many thanks 


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One way to see if you got a Landeron 47 or Landeron 48 is to look at the operating lever and the flyback lever they have a different setup and look on the Landeron 47. The chronograph bridge fitts all of them almost and might been changed some time so that can't be used as a clue to the caliber.  I would say this one is a Landeron 48.
I post a tech sheet of the two where the difference is clearly seen.Landeron.thumb.png.8ed590da312d6f1f5262e8f4c6bf4571.png


When it comes to the balance staff there are quite a bunch to choose from.

CaseCaliber     BestFit                                            FactoryNumber                          Description

LAN 48 (CD1)  100/1076           STAFF/LAN 148                            BESTFIT BALANCE STAFF

LAN 48 (CD1)  100/1713           100/1713                                        BESTFIT BALANCE STAFF

LAN 48 (CD1)  100/1713           STAFF/LAN 149                            BESTFIT BALANCE STAFF

LAN 48 (CD1)  100/2710           *724                                                BESTFIT BALANCE STAFF

LAN 48 (CD1)  100/2710           *724/LAN 148                              BESTFIT BALANCE STAFF

LAN 48 (CD1)  100/428             728/LAN 48                                   BESTFIT BALANCE STAFF

LAN 48 (CD1)  100/431B          STAFF/LAN 154                            BESTFIT BALANCE STAFF

LAN 48 (CD1)  100/767E           724/LAN 185                                BESTFIT BALANCE STAFF

Yours have no INCA block so with those ones I been most lucky with the RONDA 4937 staff.
But which balance complete you should choose I wouldn’t dear to guess.

While you are at it you might put a minute jumper on your shopping list.


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Thank HLS, I though it was an early cal. 48 from between 1937-1939, you've confirmed my suspicions. As for the balance; it is looking less promising that I will be able to find a complete one that fits ? I really appreciate your help though.

I have already sourced all the other broken/missing components, the balance is my last quest to source. So far the parts have cost more twice a much as the price I bought the movement for, I was hoping it would be a cheap project ?   

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