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    • By larthurl
      Hello All:
      I am a watch enthusiast of over a decade and have a rather eclectic collection of watches spanning everything from Seikos to JLC to FP Journe.
      I also have a YouTube channel (going on two years now) where I do watch reviews and general watch videos. https://www.youtube.com/user/artl52/videos
      I've recently discovered Mark's channel and am learning quite a lot about the guts of a watch (dials, hands. movements, etc.) [thank you Mark] and am planning to build my first watch - parts on order. Once I've done that a couple of times I plan to take Mark's watch repair course in full, not to be a watchmaker, but to learn all I can to further my horological knowledge.
      Looking forward to it.
      Mark is a great teacher.
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    • It looks like the pinion gear on the escape wheel is absolutely worn out to me 😵     John 🙂
    • I have learned 3 things with the disassembly of my first watch. 1. Watch face retaining screws are impossibly small. On the BFG you have to remove one of them completely to get the face off.  Then, when you tweeze them back into place with a crappy tweezer, the screw torques out and is gone forever.  Use better tweezers and don’t squeeze so hard.  2. When you practice reassembling parts to help memorize it for final assembly, don’t use the work surface to flip over and re-orient springs with your tweezers. As soon as you let go, the spring finds a new home in witness protection somewhere in your workroom, also, never to be seen again.  Perhaps it is neighbors with the dial screw? 3.  This stuff is fun.  I can't seem to find a source for this spring, and I am not dropping 100+ USD for a parts movement. Therefore, I may have to make it.  Anyone have experience with making springs?   Where do I source the spring steel?  I saw someone use piano sting wire to create one.   Any help or advice here would be appreciated.     I have circled the part in the pic below.   -Devon  
    • Ok great. I’m not comfortable getting this “deep” into altering things. I had visions of too much or too little end shake and pulling what’s left of my hair out... Im somewhat relieved that it’s straightforward. I’m still not sure the donor spring I have is sized properly, but I hope so. 
    • Hi, Could someone help me identify this watch movement?
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