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    • By larthurl
      Hello All:
      I am a watch enthusiast of over a decade and have a rather eclectic collection of watches spanning everything from Seikos to JLC to FP Journe.
      I also have a YouTube channel (going on two years now) where I do watch reviews and general watch videos. https://www.youtube.com/user/artl52/videos
      I've recently discovered Mark's channel and am learning quite a lot about the guts of a watch (dials, hands. movements, etc.) [thank you Mark] and am planning to build my first watch - parts on order. Once I've done that a couple of times I plan to take Mark's watch repair course in full, not to be a watchmaker, but to learn all I can to further my horological knowledge.
      Looking forward to it.
      Mark is a great teacher.
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    • Interesting. On the opposite side of variety I have some with no batteries! Looks like you need to lift the plate on top of it to remove it.
    • hey marc of the worksheet. Balance cock is 1030 or 7220601030 balance with hairspring regulated 1327 0r 7220601327 regulator 1331 regulator pointer 1332 two piece regulator       1333 etc Its an omega caliber 620 worksheet from cousins documents. cheers gary
    • He had it in a drawer since the early 70s unused. It still kept time but I had it serviced. It's not actually my favourite type of watch but I can appreciate it for what it is!
    • Cleaning machine users feel the need to use proprietary, expensive solutions, for this, that, then for rinse 1 or rinse 2. In reality the process should be varied depending on what you are cleaning, for example if you have brass parts that you want to make shine you should use some ammonia based product, but if you don't, that wold be totally useless. Then about rinsing, what it is after all? Nothing but getting rid of any dirt freed and left in suspension from the previous bath, for that distilled or demineralized water is perfect, since you cannot use a water jet with a car after soap sponging. Just look the benzine jar against the  light, if there particles floating then discard and rinse again until nothing can be seen anymore. And then IPA is great final rinse because it absorbs water so to make drying faster. However in the end, cleaning is just like lubrication, you will always meet someone that thinks and does different from  you, just like the good old book above says. Today I spoke to a guy which said that dressing drivers on a stone is wrong and one should use a file because the stone wears out, I guess he never handled an Arkansas stone or an €1.50 aluminum oxide.
    • Hello all, I found my Grandads pocket watch. The rest is history.
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