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It’s about time we had another clock competition

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Okay, this will be largely guesswork, as clocks of this age are not my forté, but here goes:

A- Dutch?  Maybe?

B- part of me says French, part says English.

C- that one looks German.

D- I noticed USA on the movement.

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6 hours ago, rodabod said:

On D, it’s the open mainsprings which are the first clue, plus the shoddy plates!

How old is that fourth one anyway?  Were American clockmakers still using mortise/tenon & wedges to hold the movement together in place of screws well after we started calling ourselves "USA" in the very late 1700s?  

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I was surprised to see it pinned together, but I’ve never worked on one of these American clocks. 

I like the anchor which is possibly made out of an old beer can (joke!). 

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With out looking at that movement in any detail I would say around 1890's. With these clocks it can be quite easy to date if the label is still with the clock. It is a typical movement of its country, crude in every way, nothing fancy but robust, behind those massif springs is a force you do not want anything to go wrong and end up with a busted hand. 

Still waiting for a winner. One is causing a bit of a problem, someone is very close. 

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Clock A painted case is typical of one European country  and is reminiscent of  a Mora clock also from that country so I would say Sweden

Clock B is a triple pad top verge fusee and is English

Clock C is a German Lenzkirch bracket clock in walnut veneer case, these turn up quite regular a small movement in a large  case around 1900, popular at auction and in good condition fetch £600-£800  with all Ting Tangs its the case that makes the difference in price.

Clock D  The model T-Ford of the clock world produced for ease and low cost of production for the masses typical American

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7 hours ago, oldhippy said:

Correct. He always wins. He has a vast knowledge of clocks.  

Which would amount to one side of a postage stamp compared to yourself 🧔

I do own a horological mystery clock, that no one has ever been able to attribute country or maker to they turn up now and again its large 8 bell bracket clock with St Michael chimes and is spring driven with a unusual off set barrel arrangement and underslung bell nest. It has many attributes that make people either say French or German, but many think they come from Slovakia I shall make a seperate post of it and see if anyone knows.

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