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Hi everyone! I'm Stephane from Canada. I got really interested into watchmaking and watches collecting since last year. Since good watchmakers are so rare in Canada and the prices they ask to service even simple movements is really high, I told myself i should get into watchmaking to service my own watches as it's cheaper to acquire the proper tools than to get it serviced just once. Tools can be used over and over, recovering the costs after just 1 service.

Great forum that I read a lot in the last few months as I gather informations about the proper tools, cleaning supplies and oils/greases. I also love videos on YouTube and I learned a lot of interesting informations and tips.

Looking forward to participate in the community and maybe one day, give back to them.

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    • Hi, Could someone help me identify this watch movement?
    • Alibaba is where you buy one. Just Answered the man's question.
    • Big thanks for Markr for the giveaway, really enjoying the watches and tools. 
    • I have done the same thing on a 565.  I chose to press out the Incabloc setting.  I then installed the new spring and jewel into the setting, and then pressed the assembly back in.  I didn't have any issues with it changing the end-shake.
    • I am Devon, a 46 year old software engineer living on the front range in Northern Colorado.  (The smoke from the fires has been ridiculous)  I recently recieved 2 pocket wactches from my Grandfather's estate.  He passed in 1986, but circumstance brought the wathces to me 3 months ago.  I have always had a fondness for wrist watches, but never really had the cash to afford the Omega's and Rolex's of the world.  (Really want a speedmaster saphire sandwich) I had started watching Mark Lovick's YouTube channel and was transfixed.  I lost hours over the past couple of months watching those and others service and repair watches.  After time, I began to suspect that my pocket watches might just be mechanical.  The first watch did not tick, and had no crystal.  The second watch ticked, but was missing hour and minute hands.  I opened the casebacks and found amazing things.  I had a 1877 waltham and a 1886 watham.  Those I took to a watchmaker here in Colroado to have restored since they belonged to my Great Grandfather.  However, I was hooked. I want to learn how to service watches.  I have ordrerd the Mark Lovick recommeded full set of essential tools, I have enrolled in his classes and am about 1/2 through. I am just loving this.  (And now... I am in a bit of a pickle with my first service... and need help)
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