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My mother came as a child of war from Finland to Sweden late 1941. The Soviet Union attacked Finland in November 1939 and occupied a large part of eastern Finland. This was something that the freedom-loving Finnish people could never accept. So, in June 1941 the Finnish armed forces launched an attack on the Soviet Union to reclaim the lost territories. It’s an amazing piece of contemporary history. Like many other Finnish children of the time my mother lost her father and I never got to meet with my grandfather. We have absolutely nothing remaining from my grandfather, not even a picture, and I would have given anything for something to remember him by.

Anyway, just recently I watched the newly recorded (2017) Finnish movie “Tuntematon Sotilas” (Unknown Soldier) and in this movie there’s a scene during the initial assault on the Soviets where one of the Finnish Soldiers “Jorma Kariluoto” nervously looks down on his watch. The one seen in the picture above. Of course, I have no idea what watch my grandfather had (if any) but I’d love to have a copy of the one seen in the movie to somehow remember him by. So, the big question is, anyone who knows what watch it is?

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This is a very difficult question, but the “national watch” back in the days would have been a watch branded “Leijona”. The watch was originally an ebauche from Switzerland, now days it’s not.
But that watch on the picture seems to be with the authentic look on wristband and everything but looks very German, like a Stowa Ancre or something like that just looking on the hands and dial.

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