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Hello I’m Tony G, and I am more or less a complete novice at watch repair but I have completed marks course. I am a retired dentist, And I’m excited to join in and contribute to the forum!

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Hello there!

please help! I’m stripping an as1950/51 movement,  and I’m stuck on removing the friction pinion from the second wheel. Can anybody suggest safe way to remove this? There is a small circular lip superficially but I can’t get access...how to proceed? What to use?

thanks everyone!



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Welcome to the forum tony.

I check the friction on canon pinion prior to disassembly, specially these offset ones, as it might need a bit of tightening.

Remove the clip, the pinion should come off of the arbour with ease, some folks use a hand remover, some push on the arbour pivot and if you got a staking set you get a neater result, clean & clean , apply grease and reinstal. 

Good luck

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Thank you for your introduction and welcome to this friendly forum.

If the wheel and pinion are working OK. I would leave it alone, removing it can cause trouble. If you have a cleaning machine it will clean perfectly well and as Nicejoe has said just apply grease, just a tiny bit and work it around or you can use a tiny jop of oil. 

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Hi Tony and welcome to the forum. It's nice to finally meet someone from the same profession. I consider myself semi-retired since the start of Covid-19. This pandemic has really wreaked havoc on Dentistry. It's no longer fun going in to the office anymore, especially when you have to don full PPE just to do a simple prophylaxis. And I do not think things will ever go back to normal.

Cheers and stay safe. :thumbsu:

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 Thanks for your replies guys, really helpful.  I’m initially going to take a conservative approach as suggested and grease in situ if I can. I did check the hand setting before stripping down, and it seems ok...

cheers! TonyG 







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