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So, I'm planning to start the Watch Repair course by Mark here, and was wondering if anyone has two 6498 movements they might be willing to part with?

I'd just rather not buy a knockoff movement. I looked around on ebay, but not sure what a fair price is I see everything from $30-$900.

Here's a recent one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/303680770480 Would something like that be ok as a way to learn on?

Or this? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Arnex-pocket-watch-with-Unitas-6498-Incabloc-running-movement/402434371920


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4 hours ago, firebynight said:

I'd just rather not buy a knockoff movement. I looked around on ebay, but not sure what a fair price is I see everything from $30-$900

initially to start watch repair it's nice to have a broken watch something you don't actually want to repair. So you can practice taking it apart and putting it back together multiple of times. this is because to really get good at watch repair you need to practice and practicing as you go is okay once you get the basics down but initially need something to practice on that's disposable. usually finding a really cheap American 16 size pocket watch works well.

Then one of the reasons for purchasing the Chinese clones is that we know what the condition is specifically it's running. the reason it's nice to start with a running watch with no problems is that if for some unknown reason it's not running after you taken apart and put it back together it really narrows down whose fault that is.

purchasing these watches off of eBay is problematic let's look at your first link problem solved it sold already. But it's not running the balance is claimed to be good and it's missing a plate screw? Plates screws don't just fall off all by themselves so you have to ask what was somebody doing this watch and it's not running so what is wrong with it?

the next link at least you're getting the whole watch. The description is interesting isn't it? it's running that's a good sign it doesn't keep time maybe that's not really an issue? Then there's the interesting description of audible metallic ping sound. Oh and if you look carefully somebody pushed the regulator to an extreme far position occasionally when they do that though totally screw up the hairspring it's hard to tell in the pictures here. then is that discoloration I see on the steel parts of know that couldn't be almost looks like water spots. Oh and if you look really carefully one of the reasons that might not be running is the regulator is now touching the center wheel.

it used to be on eBay you can find these movements are really cheap I typically didn't used to pay more than $30 each and they were for the most part pretty decent condition. Sometimes regulators got moved sometimes hairsprings were little bend on one occasion the regulator parts it mysteriously fallen off wasn't that weird. But today it's a popular movement anytime someone lists the movement number the price will go up. So basically after look at every single pocket watch movement and see if they'll surely a picture. Sometimes you can guess but if you guess wrong when you don't have a movement picture it may end up with a smaller size watch or worse yet the quartz watch.

then of course you to purchase a brand-new from the wholesale material houses their online. But just because their online at our material house does not mean the price is the same. For instance noticed the discrepancy in price between these two links.






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