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I just found this community and I'm hopeful that I will be able to find answers to some challenges I'm running into while attempting to learn how to service my old pocket watches.

I presently have a New York Standard 7 jewel open face probably dating from the 20's and a pair of nearly identical L D Seine hunter case "full jeweled" watches that are something like a size 20.  I bought the second one to have spare parts for the first one, being that I have only ever seen these two of this type of watch.  The LD's are key wind key set and I'm guessing they date to the 1860's or earlier, but with an obscure brand from Switzerland, dating is likely impossible. 

I will be following up with some repair questions soon, but I figured I would introduce myself first. I collect and use a number of personal effects that date from early 20th back to mid 19th century.  I shave with straight razors, write with fountain pens, and wear a fedora.  I grew up around vintage cars, but can't afford that hobby just yet...

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Wilkommen, my "comrade in arms"!  I suppose if you went looking for another fellow who collected and wore pocket watches, as well as the fedora, razor, fountain pen and such like, it would be here that you found him.

Of my several watches, my 1919 Longines might be my favorite, my Boker Silversteel is what I shave with, my Mont Blanc fountain pen was a gift but I have a few others, and my grey fedora matches my two gray long coats.  I am a bit of a fop.  Life is short, so I dress as I please.

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Wow, nice to meet you! I don't consider myself a fop (never been fond of the notion) but some people probably think I am. I just go with the idea that 1) I work in a professional environment so I should dress that way, 2) they knew how to make professional looking clothes much better 70 years ago than they do now, and 3) I just look better in my vintage tweed jacket than in a modern sloppy looking suit coat or casual clothes. Unfortunately, everyone's dress code has slipped a bit this year, even mine...
I haven't been able to afford a Boker yet, but I do have a Joseph Rodgers that I am very fond of, as well as a blue steel from Solingen, a Wosty with a monkey tail, and a Union Cutlery from when they were still in Union City, GA. I still have my first razor, a John Williams from Sheffield (most of my blades are from Sheffield), but it isn't my best shaver, so it's kept more for sentimental reasons.
My grey Stetson Sovereign with a mode edge was a gift from work for my 10 year anniversary with them (which I painstakingly selected for them to present me with ;) ) and it does go with my dark grey topcoat, but I rarely wear the coat mainly because it's rarely cold enough around here to warrant. The Stetson goes well with nigh everything, and it's about time to get it out of summer hibernation as soon as the smoke clears.
My Mont Blanc 146 was also a gift from one of my very generous customers who saw that I use fountain pens. It had been a gift to her many years before, and she wasn't using it any more so she wanted it to go to someone who could get more enjoyment from it. I nearly passed out! The vast majority of my pens are inexpensive mid century models that I have restored myself. The MB blows them all away for performance and class. Its only thing I could wish different is that it is rather bold writing with no flex and has a single-tone nib. I really like the look of MB two-tone nibs, and my favorite writers have been fine and flexible. Still, for an everyday writer, it doesn't get better than whipping out a Mont Blanc!
Let's see, what else...? Probably 10 years ago or more I got my hands on some cast iron skillets and have been converted over to using them as much as possible. Still have steel saucepans, but probably greater than 50% of my cooking involves a skillet. When I do dress casual, it's usually with a pair of canvas PF Flyers, so still keeping it oldschool.
My general take is that I want to be prepared in case I find myself sent back in time to the early 20th or late 19th centuries! One of my favorite series' is Jack Finney's Time and Again/From Time to Time. The other books I enjoy also take me back in time of sorts, Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin series and Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe books. I also have a modest collection of Cagney movies... I think I'm painting a pretty thorough picture of myself here. I was rather struck by the similarities between us. Again, nice to meet you!

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