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Seiko 6105 questions


Hi Everyone,
I've built myself a Seiko 6105-8110 frankenbuild.
It has a correct 8110 case, aftermarket crown/stem, aftermarket bezel/insert, original glass. Caseback is sadly a 6105 sealion one and not a correct one.

The movement is a 6105a which I've added 4 jewels to (bridge and the barrel arbors, it has a genuine dial as well.

Now my inner bezel insert/dial ring is a 6309 one with minute graduation marks on it.
Does anyone know if the genuine insert below is the same height/thickness etc.

I don't have a watch to compare it to. I was debating stripping the paint off mine or spraying it matte black as I don't want to pay $100US for a genuine insert.

Please let me know if you have worked on one before.



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I don’t think you’re going to find dimensions published anywhere. If you have one that fits, try stripping the printing off and/or painting as you suggest. 

Someone with an original will gladly pay the price for correct parts. I pay silly money for correct Rolex and Tudor parts, because it matters to me. 

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