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Member Levels, Ranks & Promotions


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In order to maintain a healthy and friendly community there are some restrictions for new members as well as benefits for those who contribute the most to this forum. It has occurred to me - or rather, been pointed out to me that I have never really made the details clear. And for that I apologise and I hope this post will be helpful.

All members will find their current forum status in the left pane of any content they post on the forum (non-mobile) or by clicking on their display name to view their profile.



NEW MEMBERS (Zero to 9 Posts)

New members can post immediately and have access to most areas on the website.
New members cannot customise their signatures
New members cannot create polls but can participate and vote
New members can edit their own posts within 10 minutes of posting that content
New members can report posts to moderators
New members can start up to 2 private messages per day and to a maximum of 1 recipient per message - with a 50 message storage quota
New members are automatically promoted to full Members when they have posted more than 9 times and have gained reputation (*).

MEMBERS (10 to 99 Posts with positive reputation *)

Members can customise their signatures (**)
Members can create polls as well as participate and vote in other member polls
Members can edit their own posts within 3 Hours of posting that content
Members can start as many private messages per day as needed and to a maximum of 5 recipients per message - with a 150 message storage quota
Members are automatically promoted to Advanced Members when they have posted more than 99 times and gained 50 or more reputation points (*).

NEW: ADVANCED MEMBERS (100+  Posts With 50+ Reputation *)

Advanced Members can customise their signatures (***)
Advanced Members can edit their own posts within 3 Days of posting that content
Advanced Members can start as many private messages per day as needed and to a maximum of 5 recipients per message - with a 200 message storage quota
Patrons and Supporters gain the same privileges as Advanced Members

* Reputation is gained when you post content and other members react to that content - you can see your current reputation score within your info-pane, under your avatar.
** Members are allowed up to 1 link in their signature which MUST follow the forum rules and up to two lines of text. To keep the board clean we do not allow images in signatures.
*** Advanced Members are allowed up to 2 links in their signature which MUST follow the forum rules and up to four lines of text. To keep the board clean we do not allow images in signatures.



Ranks are just a bit of fun to acknowledge your level of participation on this forum. It is mostly based on your post count. Your forum rank is displayed in the Info Pane of any post you submit on the forum and your rank is displayed under your Display Name.

WATCH ENTHUSIAST - 50 Posted Content Items

WRT ADDICT - 100 Posted Content Items

SUPER WRT ADDICT - 500 Posted Content Items

After you have posted 500 content items you will be able to customise your own Rank Title to display under your Display Name

DISTINGUISHED MEMBER - 1000 Posted Content Items


If you have any questions regarding the above then please post your thoughts below and I will try my best to answer.

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    • The guy will have set in a maximum bid that kicks in a new figure everytime someone places a single higher bid or their maximum steps up. A sneaky way to win is to snipe bid in the last few seconds but i think even that was pointless against sniping softwear previously. Recently I've noticed something new, the outcome is sometimes delayed while ebay determines the winner, so regardless of what bid is placed at the dead point of auction end the highest maximum overall bid takes the item. The highest maxiumum bid that is set during the aution's open time. Though frowned upon , what i like about sniping is the fact it can avoid getting into a maximum bidding war with others that watch the last hour. They up their maximum bid then you up your maximum bid and so on. Placing your max in the last few seconds prevents all that drama 😆, you either win or you dont. I like to close my phone case and not look at the final result for an hour or so 🤣
    • I must say I'm the same, buying a complete set of something saves a lot of time and effort but there is a certain type of gratification for me hunting out all the add-ons.  Ps hands down having a psychotherapist for a wife is way better than having a psychopath for a wife in my experience 🙄  
    • Mark, good info.   My attempted photo through 10x loupe.  Not the best but an effort.  As much as this sounds dumb, the HS has increased its gap from the the cock.  And, seems to spin 3 times longer.  I think I have some residual fiber from my pegging.  What is small enough to clean out these pivots? Or is this where the L&R correct cleaning product helps?  Liquid movement will ensure the pivot holes are clear?  Yup, I have 3x cheaters and the 10x Loupe.  I will have another run at examination.  Everflex green sticks.  Quick google, will have to dig deeper.  Perhaps that is the key to clean pivot holes.   Noted on mixing Naptha based solvent and IPA, water based.  I have a gallon of Coleman White Fuel for about 15 years.  Time to use it and use as rinse.  I stumbled on a L&R Master for $20 with all original L&R jars and lids.  Just have to research basket, a topic for a different post and I am forcing myself to not get distracted by this premature acquisition and practice with my tools. For now, the main spring will not get attention.  After I put the watch together and running, a small miracle, I don't think the main spring to be a major detractor for practice.  My plan is to have my watch maker service my main spring.  Support local small business and he always shares knowledge when I visit.
    • Hi Ammar, I couldn't find anything about the chemical resistance of PLA to naphtha. According to these sources it doesn't rate too well. I think that your concern is correct. If you did a final rinse in IPA after the parts are out of the basket my guess is it would be fine. I have no affiliation in either of these companies. https://prusament.com/chemical-resistance-of-3d-printing-materials/ https://www.filamentive.com/chemical-resistance-of-3d-printing-filament/
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