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So, I thought this was going to be a repair. And maybe I’ll need a mainspring when it’s said and done, but so far it’s just petrified green oil/grease everywhere that’s made a mess. I had to pry off the train bridge because the pinion of one of the train was glued to the main plate with the other end glued to the bridge. I thought I missed something and it was hanging up, but it’s just old oil. 

The last guy was particularly liberal with the stuff around the keyless works. I tore that down, cleaned and re-lubed that. Works (a lot better) than before, which was not really at all. 

Making good progress but I had to call it for the night. Some pictures to chew on: (the barrel close up shows the green goo nicely)






















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Thanks! It was my grandfather’s and I also have a matching smaller one that was my grandmother’s. 

I also have a Hamilton, which was also his, which was fixed up in the 90’s and still working well. I want to get these going and see how they run. 

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There are a couple pictures of the barrel because I thought it was nice they decorated both sides even though it is completely hidden from view in the movement. 

On the other hand, they did cut some corners by not polishing all the edges of the bridges...

Hopefully I can get right back to this and finish it up. 

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Ronsinol mostly. That's what's in the tray. I soak the parts a while and then rinse with clean stuff from the bottle over the tray. Plenty of chunky bits of crud in the tray!

The hands, and a couple other small bits I used the one-dip on. I have not done anything with the balance wheel or cock yet. It seems the spring can be adjusted for length at the attachment point (does not appear to be a typical anchor that goes in at one spot only), so I'm not terribly inclined to mess with that. I may end up dipping the whole thing assembled and go from there, to avoid fiddling with the (beautiful looking) hairspring. Or, just clean the pivots and re-oil since the spring looks quite clean and the coils look to be laying perfectly as well.

I don't have a working ultrasonic at home right now; and there are too many bits to bring it into work for cleaning. As long as I can fully clean the jewels and other bits (and it seems to be working well), I'll stick with this. I also have a small stiff brush for the stubborn areas. I could bring each bridge and corresponding parts in as "batches" but I don't think that's necessary.

I may bring the case in however, to deal with the stem. It does not move very much from setting to winding and I think it should move more. I have applied a couple drops of oil to loosen it up (hopefully) and then I'll clean it out and see what's going on. It's all black with ancient grease (I assume) so I can't see anything right now.

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Really sweet movement! What size is this movement? Do you know the year?

Did you need to do a tear down of the Hamilton as well? Photo?

Inheriting my grandfather's watches is also what initially got me into vintage watches. But I wasn't inclined at the time to learn how to restore them. But maybe I'll go back to them now.


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I don't know the official size. Big. You can see the dial in my hand in the first picture for scale.

I'm used to smaller stuff, but that turned out to be a good thing as I got into the keyless works on this one, which is quite small.

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Got a little more done tonight. Took the barrel apart for cleaning. I couldn’t figure out how the damn thing worked. Once I removed the glue-like petrified grease, I figured it out. Cleaned the spring and all the pieces and added fresh oil and reassembled. Works nice and smooth with my fingers now. 

then some more general cleaning after pulling the pallet fork bridge and pallet fork. It is interesting that this has adjustable banking pins. Not looking forward to the end stones. They are secured with screws and that gives plenty of opportunities to make a mess of the oil...

(that green stuff is the old oil/grease)









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I can't wait to see pics of this movement all cleaned and polished up.  It'll be stunning!  

"Adjustable banking pins" you say.  I can't say I've encountered them yet.  If you could get close-up pics of those too, I would love to take a peek.

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On the dial side of the main plate, the bottom of the pins are visible. They have been cut at 90 degrees to give two slots. They can rotate in their bores and the pin is off center. I will not be messing with that either unless the Timegrapher demands intervention. 

Im hoping to get back to this tonight. Stay tuned...

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So, I got the escapement and going train in. Also the refurbished barrel. 

Train bridge, pallet bridge in; barrel bridge not in. 

train wheels were nasty. Whatever this oil was, don’t use it. It’s like glue and soaking in lighter fluid just makes it angry. 









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And we have ignition!

It didn’t want to run. Seemed like no power was coming from the mainspring, so nudging the balance wheel it’d just rock until it ran out of juice. 

Eventually it worked in enough to start running but amplitude seems poor. I (presumably) have it running overnight. I’ll check in the morning and see it it’s still running. I’m hoping that sitting dormant for 40, if not more, years just needs to be worked out. Small victory for tonight.  Watching the video it looks like about 90 degrees...

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