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Hamilton 946 pocket watch size 18s


Help!  I need parts for a 1905 Hamilton  946 pocket watch size 18s.  Specifically I need a lower balance jewel, upper center wheel jewel, and a mainspring.  I know these are hard to find.  I will consider buying a "parts" watch if it has some or all the needed parts.  Any and all help appreciated.  

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4 hours ago, dpn said:

Have you considered asking in the NAWCC forums?

You to try posting in the pocket watch section but as it's a watch repair question did have better luck posting in the watch repair section that's found at the link below. The balance jewel in the main spring or easy if you need the part numbers I can look those up the center will jewel that's going to be the issue. Then getting a another watch the steel parts from can be an issue. I'd have to go and look up your specific balance staff in jewel probably not as bad as Elgin I think Hamilton had specific part numbers for each staff for instance. Unlike Elgin did have one part number for one staff that came in several different pivots sizes and occasionally has some other variations also. But even with that an American pocket watches a lot of times the parts are made to fit because manufacturing isn't quite as exact as you thought it should be that's why the center wheel jewel will probably be an issue.


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    • I agree.  My grandpa wore this watch 24/7 no matter what.  You can see in the first pic the hands have pitting and staining.  The original dial, pic below, in addition to having the posts broken off, had serious staining and signs of moisture.  The watch was serviced in 2017 by a local jewelry shop (I think they broke the dial and second wheel stem) and was running with great accuracy (-2 seconds per day).  I am trying to avoid the $400 dollar service fee again and started working on it and then continued to get deeper the more comfortable I got.  Besides the fact that it's broken right now, it was running very well despite the appearance of the movement.
    • The movement is extremely dirty which is unusual for a Rolex. This  movement has been out of its case for a service or it has been worn in a very dirty environment and either the case is not sealed or the crown seals are perished. My advise to to have it serviced by an experienced watchmaker.
    • Yes, all wheels turn when I try to wind the watch and all wheels turn when in hack to change the time.  I thought the same thing, that I had a broken main spring, so I did remove the barrel, opened it and the spring is attached to the arbor.  To check if the spring was broken somewhere, I closed it back up and installed the screw that holds the clutch wheel to the barrel and used a screw driver to wind the spring in my hand.  It would wind and then it would unwind as expected (I've never done it before so have nothing to compare to but seemed ok) So it sounds like pallet fork should be my focus.  Can you provide guidance on where it is located (date wheel side or main spring side).  I will watch Mark's videos that he has for working on the 3135 movement and how to access it but knowing where to look will help identify if I should watch video 1, 2 or 3.  Also, what would you expect to be the main failure mode of the pallet fork; broken or dislodged? (What should I be looking for when I access it?)
    • I am reading your comment "When i try to wind it, the clutch wheel on the main spring barrel turns but so does the main spring barrel which doesn’t allow the spring to wind." Do all other wheels turn? If so - pallet fork is your main suspect. If they do not, hen tale of the mainspring, remove the lid and check if mainspring is hooked to the arbour.
    • Hi this watch is Rolex gm master11 A good clone needs a tweak thanks
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