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I am new from Augusta, Ga.


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Jorge E. Jimenez.  Professional Engineer and owner of a number of watches.  I have 3 Omega F300 Hz watches because they are the only true progressive second hand sweep watch.  Bulova invented them and made the movements for OMEGA.  I also have the Bulova Movement in a Zenith and a couple others.  My Omega Constellation crown broke off.  I found a replacement for the crown, but not the shaft for it.  I need to find a repair facility that can fix this watch.  If any of you readers knows where I can send the watch, other than Switzerland for repair, I would very much appreciate it.

Thank you in advance.



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Welcome to the forum.

I have 2 Bulova Accutrons. 1 working fine and the other a parts donor. After reading the service manual and watching a few YouTube videos on Accutrons, I don't think I have the guts to disassemble one.

There is supposed to be an index wheel in there with teeth so fine and delicate that if the second hand is not fitted spot on without any rotational movement, the teeth could get damaged.

There aren't many watchmakers out there who can service an Accutron. If you search the web, there is only a handful.

Good luck in your seach.

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