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Any value here in this bundle? Bulova, etc

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Spotted a Bulova - not sure of the model but looks similar to a Princine - so probably 1930's. Could make an interesting project as a keeper or flip.

Can anyone see anything else of value. Seller looking for USD$35-40

3 Waltham,  Wittnauer,  Gruen,  Bulova,  Caravelle , 2 mickey mouse - probably none working.

Bulova should be white gold case,  missing bracelet might be an issue

Interested in opinions re brands and values




Watch bundle.jpg

Ladies Bulova.jpg

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There's was nothing in there that was going to make anyone's fortune, however at $3.47 each everyone of them would qualify for @AndyHull's 404 club.

Personally I would have had no interest in the 4 character watches, which leaves 11 watches of varying quality from the better end of budget to lower mid-range, none of which look like they have been abused. That would still make it less than $4.75 each for 11 project or donor spares watches, which is far from expensive.

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Thanks for the input Marc.

The Bulova was the one that had me interested.

As you sa,y at $4.75 each it would perhaps have been worth a gamble -  even to break and flip the unwanted ones to pay for the keepers.


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Posted (edited)

Here we go with another possible lot of 15 comprising. 


Ruby De Luxe
Olma Sport
Tip Top
Ancre Goupilles


Anything here worth repairing with a view to keeping or flipping?


I get a watchmaker to sort out most of my purchases. If its just a battery issue, strap or general clean I can do that, but I'm not up to the delicate repairs yet



watch lot 02.jpg

watch lot 02a.jpg

watch lot 03.jpg

watch lot 03b SEIKO.jpg

watch lot 03c.jpg

watch lot 03d.jpg

watch lot 03e.jpg

watch lot 03f.jpg

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As before you're not going to make your fortune out of these but their value is in what you get out of them.

If what you want is to learn and practise watchmaking then there's a useful resource here. If you're looking to outsource the repair / restoration work and then still hope to make a profit by selling the results then I would be surprised if you were able to even cover the repair costs with these.

If I were looking for project watches I wouldn't flinch at dropping £60 to £70 on a lot like this, there's some nice pieces in there, but I would be doing the repair work myself and the return would be in the form of the fun and education in doing it.

If you're on the look out for job lots with hidden Rolex's or Patek's just watch the bidding, 'cause if you've spotted them then I can guarantee that others have too.

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Thanks Marc. 

You were pretty close with your price.  I bid up to £60 but they went for £75

They had obviously been in damp storage for sometime judging by apparent mold on some leather straps, so not sure what the innards would be like

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