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New member and new to this hobby

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Hi all! 

My name is Johan, born, raised and living in Sweden. 51 years young! :) 

I have always had interest in Watches and watchmaking. But time, life, other interests.. In my youth, I worked as a toolmaker, at a company then called Seco Tools. Today Sandvik. To this day, they still produce high end cutting tools for cnc lathes, mills ect.  So a few years ago, I got an urge to do a little hobby work again. I think most is forgotten/hidden deep down in the great grey brain areas... But I stumbled over a Simonet DZ 450 precision late. Its isn't in perfect condition. But good enough for now. I will improve it back to original specs over time. I hope... :)  It is a bit big for watchmaking, Stem, pivot work ect. But for now. It is what I have. And I will work with it. :) ( I have other things in watchmaking. I need to learn first, anyway.) 

Today, my order for screwdrivers, tweezers and other bit and bobs arrived.. The evening is saved! Or..a broken FHF 96 movment will suffer even more.. ;)

I will have to thank those you tubers who share their passion, to others to be inspired. They all got me hooked!! THANK YOU!! 

Im looking forward to meet you all in the forums. Expressing my "Swenglish" gratitude for you're shared experience! 


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