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    • I have a 1969 Timex Electric that runs very well. I’ve recently put a new 357 battery in it and my question is: if I’m not going to use the watch for several months at a time, should I remove the battery, or pull the crown out, to let the works stop? Thanks, Keith
    • I don’t think you’ll get great results polishing the caseback with the Dremel in that way. What might be possible is to mount the caseback on a dremel tool bit (something like a cutting disk) using adhesive and use it like you would a wax chuck on a lathe. You would need to centre the case back as the adhesive was setting to get it to turn true. You can then turn the caseback and use a static polisher of your choice such as a buff stick.    Another option for a straight-grain finish is to polish it under-hand on abrasives. 
    • How long do you leave the watch in the ELMA Red 1:9 Solution and do you heat the solution? Then lubrication types wordy apply it etc.? Also the mainspring what it look like? Actually something has changed since the overhaul? Normally in watch repair you want to nail down your problems before you clean the watch. Then it's usually best to assume that cleaning doesn't fix all problems. If the problem is the watch needs to be cleaned yes it will fix that but if you had other problems that you're not detecting cleaning won't fix those. If before you clean the watch because you assume the watch has a cleaning problem issue you could follow the above steps I use a different fluid but apply a fluid to the dirty watch and see if it runs better or runs at all. Then if everything seems fine and really is a cleaning problem you can clean the watch and everything will be fine hopefully.   We have an interesting problem here it could be the mainspring issue you getting almost 0 power to the balance wheel. The amount of power you getting is so insanely low that as soon as you change from a position like the Dial down to one of the crown positions it just totally runs out of energy and dies so yes it could be the mainspring. But it could just as easily be on the other end the balance wheel. If you balance Wheel is having issue Like pivot issues. Or even if The hairspring is touching the balance arms it's amazing how much energy you lose if they hairspring is touching something it's not supposed to.
    • Cool!  So it looks like this could be nowhere near impossible.  I was thinking that, being an Elgin from that time period, there could still be quite a number left, meaning several with a similar balance and hairspring.  There was a time when America was cranking out a boatload of these makes.  Good news.
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