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This is a beautiful, but unusual watch band.  And it's WAY too big.  I have looked for different watch band styles to work out how I can re-size this, but can't seem to figure out what to call this style of band to do the search, none are matching with this one.  I have tried to pull on the pins to remove them from the band, but this only resulted in bending some of the pins (as you see).  A surprising result to me, but this must have been the result of the side-laying pins, and not the ones I was pulling on directly.  I decided to cease & desist, and am willing to take it to a jeweler to resize it, but would like to see if anyone here can help first. 


Thank you. 




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      Happy New Year everyone!
      I've been working on a lovely old Hudson watch with a Felsa 415 inside.  I've got the watch running (first automatic!), but I can't make heads or tails of the watch band.  I want to adjust it so that it fits me, but I've only every adjusted the old u-pin style.  Is there a trick to these older watch straps or are they not adjustable?
      I attached a few pictures to help.  The only markings on it are "JB Champion" (The JB is in a triangle).

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