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    • I did that many times, achieving perfect results, using the products and basic technique mentioned above.  Sounds very complicated for such a small task.  Anyway the OP has a non-starter caseback at hand, the printed writing is already all gone beefore getting the weels and compounds right. Unfortunately one needs solid quality watches to get solid results. 
    • With Elgin being one of the biggest watch companies on the planet at least for a while they did make a lot of components and watches so their spare parts out there you just have to give it some time. Although changing the balance wheel complete from another watch is sometimes problematic. There was variations the balance staff pivots had variations then the escapement was set up for the balance wheel currently in the watch. Although we will hope that's the original balance wheel and somebody just didn't swap that. Fortunately most of the time on American balance wheels the serial number has been inscribed. So even though it's on a parts list it's interchangeable like the balance wheel I would try not to change that but the hairspring is another matter. Then why were waiting for the original posting person to come back tell us what's going on in the world I'm attached some more Images of the hairspring and the timing screws that would need possibly. Then looking at all the usual sources I didn't see any hairsprings but that just means you have to have patience and wait on eBay one will show up sooner or later or a scrap watch it could Get a hairspring from.   
    • Great! Thanks!
    • Hello. My name is Keith Leonard and I live in Western North Carolina. I’ve just recently become interested in collecting watches and I particularly like early Timex. 
    • Pulling the crown to inhibit the circuit should be fine. I’d only recommend removing the battery if it’s stored for years as battery leaks can be disastrous. 
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