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Hi! I'm new here - need help

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Hi there,


I'm new here!  I have recently acquired some watches from the mother of a friend, and trying to bring them back to warmth & life.  Because there were so many, I'm trying to do this on my own.  For most of them, I'm good and learning via YouTube how to go beyond just changing out batteries, but for others, I'm having some difficulties that I'm hoping I can get help on. 

This one is a Seiko, and the front of the face (as well as the rest) needs cleaning.  Back of the watch shows it's a Seiko 2C21-5041, 452294.  I went online to look for a manual, and didn't see it.  I have tried all of the dimples, and pressed into that little divet just above the stem, but nothing seems to be happening. There is also a screw that I have tried to unscrew, but it's extremely difficult, and I have only managed 1/4 turn. 

Red circle = screw I have turned 1/4

Green circle = all the dimples I have tried pressing

Blue circle = divet I pressed into


Does anyone know what I should try or focus more on?  Thank you!  I'm looking forward to learning.  :)



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Hi, welcome to the forum.

I'm not familiar with this movement but on some of them, you have to pull the winding stem to hand setting position, them a small  release lever comes out of hiding.

Good luck. 

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